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Unfortunately Free Range will be closed until further notice.

We are small family business and are excited to welcome a new baby girl into our family. As such we are taking some time out to enjoy the little simple things in life. Happy riding.

Electric Bicycle Tours

Do you want to get the most out of your time in Brisbane but you think it’s too hot to walk around all day? You like the idea of a bike tour but the idea of riding up any kind of hill just doesn’t appeal? We have the solution!

Our Electric bikes allow you to cover a bigger distance than by foot or segway and you can do it all without breaking a sweat. If you haven’t ridden an electric bike before, you’ll soon see why they are so popular. And if you have…..well, you already know.

A tour with Free Range is much more than just a sightseeing tour. We love Brisbane and all the great events and stories that have shaped the city into what you see today and we want to share them with you. You will be amazed at how far we have come in such a short time and you will see why 2.2 million people want to live in this evolving city.

Our tours take a maximum of 4 people so you will never feel left out.

South Bank to Teneriffe  |  3.5hrs  |      ($150pp)

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Want to make the most of your time in Brisbane? This is the tour for you.

Get up close with Brisbane and its unique history with only 4 guests per tour. Discover parts of Brisbane other visitors don’t see and many locals don’t know about. As well as riding, the tour also includes a short walk around Brisbane’s famous Woolstores.

Our electric bikes are an easy and fun way to make the most of your time in this beautiful city. With great bike paths that hug the shoreline and stunning views from the top of the surrounding cliffs, this tour is perfect for anyone wanting to see Brisbane from a different perspective. You will also hear how our city has transformed from one of Australia’s toughest penal colonies to the beautiful city you see today. Your guide is a local with a passion for Brisbane’s history. This tour is also great if you just want to explore the city and find areas that most tourists don’t know about.

We will also stop for a drink at a local cafe or bar. Here you can grab a drink of your choice while really getting a taste of Brisbane’s laid back lifestyle.

As we use Electric Bikes we cater to all abilities and only allow 4 people on each tour so you will never feel left out.

Our Electric bikes are comfortable and allow you to ride up any hill without breaking a sweat. If you haven’t ridden an electric bike before you’ll soon see why they are so popular.

Fun, friendly, informative and best of all, ELECTRIC. The perfect tour for anyone visiting Brisbane.

 Beer and Lights Tour   |  2hrs  |      ($120pp)

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Looking for something unique? Join us for an easy ride around the river and over the Story Bridge and see Brisbane from a whole different perspective. Riding the city at night is a one of kind experience that you will never forget.

You will be riding with a guide so you will never get lost and you will always feel safe in a group no bigger than 4 people. Our tours are conducted on electric bikes so there is no need to sweat and you can wear clothes that you would feel comfortable to go out in afterwards. We will finish the ride with a complimentary beer with the best views in town or at a bar in South Bank. Complimentary transfers back to your hotel can also be arranged if you do not wish to stay out after the tour.

This is definitely a one of kind experience and one not to be missed. Bookings can be made anytime from 8pm to 10pm with the tour lasting for 2 hours. If these times do not suit your schedule, please call as we may be able to work around you.